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Trains Passing through AMBALA CITY
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
18110Amritsar Jn (RL) to Tatisilwai Jat Muri Rou Ex(ASR-TIS)00.0600.08
11077Pune Junction to Jammu Tawi Jhelum Express(PUNE-JAT)01:4401:46
18237Bilaspur Junction to Amritsar Junction Chattisgarh Exp(BSP-ASR)02.2902.30
18101Amritsar Jn to Jammu Tawi Tatanagar-Jammu Tawi MURI Express(TATA-JAT)02.5903.00
18109Amritsar Jn to Tatisilwai Rou Muri Jat Ex(ASR-TIS)02.5903.00
59386Amritsar Jn to Indore Jn Panchvalley Pa(ASR-INDB)02:2902:30
13008Shri Ganganagar to 21.00 U A Toofan Exp(SGNR-KLK)03.2903.31
13152Jammu Tawi to Kolkata Kolkata Express(JAT-KOAA)03:5503:57
13049Howrah Jn to Amritsar Amritsar Exp(HWH-ASR)04.5804.59
13307Dhanbad Junction to Firozpur Cant Gangasutlej Exp(DHN-FZR)04:0904:10
11078Jammu Tawi to Pune Junction Jhelum Express(JAT-PUNE)05:1205:14
14682Jalandhar City to New Delhi Juc Ndls Expres(JUC-NDLS)07:1107:13
74646Amritsar Jn to Bhattian ASR UMB DMU(ASR-BTTN)09.2509.26
11057Amritsar Jn to Badli Amritsar Expres(ASR-BHD)09.5209.54
12460Amritsar Jn to New Morinda Asr Ndls Exp(ASR-NMDA)10.2010.22
12926Amritsar Jn to Ramganj Mandi Paschim Express(ASR-RMA)12.1012.12
74645Amritsar Jn to Bhattian UMB ASR DMU(ASR-BTTN)14.5014.51
11058Amritsar Jn to Lokmanyatilak T Asr Ltt Express(ASR-LTT)14.5614.58
12925Bandra Terminus to Amritsar Jn Paschim Express(BDTS-ASR)15.0715.09
14674Amritsar Jn to Babhnan Shaheed Exp(ASR-BV)16.2216.24
14650Amritsar Jn to Hapur Jn Saryuyamuna Exp(ASR-HPU)16.2216.24
14673Amritsar Jn to Babhnan Shaheed Express(ASR-BV)16.4216.44
14649Amritsar Jn to Hapur Jn Saryu Yamuna Ex(ASR-HPU)16.4316.44
12459Amritsar Jn to New Morinda Ndlsasr Express(ASR-NMDA)17.2717.29
14681New Delhi to Jalandhar City Ndls Juc Expres(NDLS-JUC)20:3220:34
18238Amritsar Jn to Chhindwara Junction Chhatisgarh Exp(ASR-CWA)21.4521.46
13050Amritsar Jn to Shiupur Asr Hwh Express(ASR-SOP)22.3522.37
13151Kolkata to Jammu Tawi Jammu Tawi Exp(KOAA-JAT)23:2423:25
13308Firozpur Cant to Dhanbad Junction Gangasatluj Exp(FZR-DHN)23:5023:52
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