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Trains Passing through NANDURBAR
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
00833Ahmedabad Junction to Santragachi Junction Ahmedabad - Santragachi AC Special Fare Special(ADI-SRC)23:1523:25
00834Santragachi Junction to Ahmedabad Junction• Santragachi - Ahmedabad AC Special Fare (SRC-ADI)18:0018:05
08422Ajmer Junction to Puri Aii Puri Express(AII-PURI)10:45 10:50
09207SMNH PURI SPL to PURI SMNH PURI SPL(smnh-puri)22:5022:55
11454Nagpur Junction to Ahmedabad Junction Prerana Express(NGP-ADI)19:4519:50
12655Ahmedabad Jn to Chennai Central NAVJEEVAN EXP(ADI-MAS)13.1513.20
12656Chennai Central to Ahmedabad Jn NAVAJIVAN EXP(MAS-ADI)11.3511.40
12833Ahmedabad Junction to Howrah Junction Howrah Express(ADI-HWH)07:2807:36
12905Porbandar to Howrah Junction Porbandar-Howrah SF Express(PBR-HWH)22:4522:50
12906Howrah Junction to Porbandar Howrah-Porbandar SF Express (PT)(HWH-PBR)01:5502:00
12943Valsad to Kanpur Central Udyogkarmi Exp(BL-CNB)23:5500:15
12944Kanpur Central to Valsad Udhyogkarmi Exp(CNB-BL)02:2502:30
12949Porbandar to Santragachi Junction Kaviguru Express(PBR-SRC)22:5022:55
12950Santragachi Junction to Porbandar Santragachi-Porbandar Kavi Guru SF Express(SRC-PBR)03:3503:45
12993Gandhidham Bg to Puri Gimb Puri Express(GIMB-PURI)11:3011:38
13425Malda Town to Surat Malda - Surat Express(MLDT-ST)01:1801:23
15559Darbhanga Junction to Ahmedabad Junction Darbhanga - Ahmedabad Jansadharan Weekly Express (DBG-ADI)01:5502:00
15560Ahmedabad Junction to Darbhanga Junction Ahmedabad - Darbhanga Jansadharan Weekly Express (ADI-DBG)03:1503:20
16125Chennai Egmore to Jodhpur Jn MS JODHPUR EXPRESS(MS-JU)16:5517:00
16126Jodhpur Jn to Chennai Egmore JU MS EXPRESS(JU-MS)13.4013.48
17037Secunderabad Jn to Bikaner Jn SC BKN EXP(SC-BKN)17.2517.30
17038Bikaner Jn to Secunderabad Jn BKN SC EXP(BKN-SC)13.4013.48
17623Hazur Sahib Nanded to Bikaner Junction Hazur Sahib Nanded - Bikaner Weekly Express(NED-BKN )19:3919:40
17624Bikaner Junction to Hazur Sahib Nanded Bikaner - Hazur Sahib Nanded Express(BKN-NED)14:0014:05
18401Puri to Okha PURI OKHA EXP(PURI-OKHA)19.4519.50
18402Okha to Puri OKHA PURI EXP(OKHA-PURI)00.4500.50
18405Puri to Ahmedabad Junction Puri Ahmedabad Express(PURI-ADI)00:1000:15
18421Puri to Ajmer Jn PURI AJMER EXP(PURI-AII)03.3503.45
18422Ajmer Jn to Puri Ajmer - Puri Bi-Weekly Express(AII-PURI)10.4510.50
18501Vishakapatnam to Gandhidham Bg VSKP GIMB EXPRESS(VSKP-GIMB)19.4519.50
18502Gandhidham Bg to Vishakapatnam Gandhidham - Vishakhapatnam Weekly Express(GIMB-VSKP)11:3011:38
19045Surat to Chhapra Tapti Ganga Exp(ST-CPR)12:2012:25
19046Chhapra to Surat Tapti Ganga Express(CPR-ST)15:4015:45
19047Surat to Bhagalpur St Bhagalpur Ex(ST-BGP)12:2012:25
19048Bhagalpur to Surat BGP SURAT EXPRESS(BGP-ST)15:4015:45
19049Bandra Terminus to Patna Junction BDTS Patna Express(BDTS-PNBE)23:5500:15
19050Patna Junction to Bandra Terminus Pnbe Bdts Express(PNBE-BDTS)23:5023:58
19051Valsad to Muzaffarpur Junction Shramik Express(BL-MFP)23:5500:15
19052Muzaffarpur Junction to Valsad Shramik Express(MFP-BL)23:5023:58
19057Udhna Junction to Varanasi Junction Udn Varanasi Ex(UDN-BSB)23:5500:15
19058Varanasi Junction to Udhna Junction Bsb Udn Exp(BSB-UDN)08:1008:15
19063Udhna Junction to Danapur Danapur Express(UDN-DNR)09:4509:50
19064Danapur (Patna) to Udhna Junction (Surat) Danapur - Udhna Bi-Weekly Express(DNR-UDN)20:3520:45
19331KOCHUVELI to INDORE JN BG KCVL Indore Express(KCVL-INDB)05:15Ends
19417Ahmedabad Junction to Allahabad Junction Ahmedabad - Allahabad Weekly Express(ADI-ALD)20:4020:42
19418Allahabad Junction to Ahmedabad Junction Allahabad - Ahmedabad Weekly Express(ALD-ADI)18:1518:25
19453Gandhidham Bg to Puri Gimb Puri Express(GIMB-PURI)10:4510:50
19454Puri to Gandhidham Junction Puri - Gandhidham Weekly Express(PURI-GIMB)18:1518:20
22937Rajkot Junction to Rewa Rajkot - Rewa SF Express(RJT-REWA)23:1523:25
22938Rewa to Rajkot Junction• Rewa - Rajkot Weekly SF Express(REWA -RJT)10:3010:35
22938Rewa to Rajkot Junction• Rewa - Rajkot Weekly SF Express(REWA -RJT)10:3010:35
22939Hapa to Bilaspur Junction Hapa - Bilaspur SF Express(HAPA-BSP)11:3011:38
22940Bilaspur Junction to Hapa Bilaspur - Hapa SF Express(BSP-HAPA)01:1801:20
22947Surat to Bhagalpur ST BHAGALPUR EX(ST-BGP)12:2512:30
59441Mumbai Central to Nandurbar Ahmadabad passenger(BCT-NDB)12:45 Ends
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