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Trains Passing through JALANDHAR CITY
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
02126Amritsar Jn to Nagpur Asr Ngp Special(ASR-NGP)05:3005:35
11057Amritsar Jn to Badli Amritsar Expres(ASR-BHD)14.5515.00
11058Amritsar Jn to Lokmanyatilak T Asr Ltt Express(ASR-LTT)09.4509.55
12013New Delhi to Amritsar Junction Amritsar Shatabdi Express(NDLS-ASR)21:3221:34
12014Amritsar Jn to Sirhind Jn Amritsar Shtbdi(ASR-SIR)06.0006.03
12029Amritsar Jn to Sirhind Jn Swarna Shtbdi(ASR-SIR)12.2012.22
12030Amritsar Jn to Sirhind Jn Swarna Shtbdi(ASR-SIR)17.5517.58
12031Amritsar Jn to Sirhind Jn Amritsar Shtbdi(ASR-SIR)12.2012.22
12032Amritsar Jn to Sirhind Jn Amritsar Shtbdi(ASR-SIR)17.5517.58
12053Amritsar Jn to Jagadhri HW ASR JNSHTBDI(ASR-JUD)20.3020.35
12054Amritsar Jn to Jagadhri ASR HW JNSHTBDI(ASR-JUD)07.5508.00
12203Saharsa Junction to Amritsar Junction Saharsa - Amritsar Garib Rath Express(SHC-ASR)19.2019.25
12204Amritsar Jn to Moradabad Jn Shc Garib Rath(ASR-MB)05.3205.37
12241Amritsar Jn to Badli CDG ASR SUP(ASR-BHD)19.5219.55
12242Amritsar Jn to Badli ASR CDG SUP(ASR-BHD)06.1906.22
12317Amritsar Jn to Najibabad Jn Akal Takht Exp(ASR-NBD)15.3815.43
12318Amritsar Jn to Najibabad Jn Akal Takhat Express(ASR-NBD)07.0007.05
12357Kolkata to Amritsar Junction Durgiana Exp(KOAA-ASR)15:3815:43
12358Amritsar Junction to Kolkata Asr Koaa Sup Ex(ASR-KOAA)07:0007:05
12379Amritsar Jn to Dhanbad Jn Jalianwalab Exp(ASR-DHN)18.0518.10
12380Amritsar Jn to Dhanbad Jn Jalianwala B Ex(ASR-DHN)11.5512.03
12407Amritsar Jn to Barsoi Jn KARMABHOOMI EXP(ASR-BOE)16.0516.10
12408Amritsar Jn to Barsoi Jn KARAMABHOOMI EXP(ASR-BOE)10.3510.40
12411Amritsar Jn to New Morinda INTERCITY EXP(ASR-NMDA)10.0010.05
12412Amritsar Jn to New Morinda INTERCITY EXP(ASR-NMDA)18.4018.45
12421Amritsar Jn to Rohtak Jn Ned Asr Sup Exp(ASR-ROK)20.3020.35
12422Amritsar Jn to Rohtak Jn Asr Ned Sf Exp(ASR-ROK)15.3015.35
12459Amritsar Jn to New Morinda Ndlsasr Express(ASR-NMDA)20.1920.22
12460Amritsar Jn to New Morinda Asr Ndls Exp(ASR-NMDA)07.1707.22
12483Amritsar Jn to Kota Jn Amritsar Exp(ASR-KOTA)22.2022.25
12484Amritsar Jn to Kota Jn (RL) Asr Kcvl Expres(ASR-KOTA)07.0007.05
12497Amritsar Jn to Khanna Shane Punjab(ASR-KNN)12.5412.57
12498Amritsar Jn to Khanna Shane Punjab(ASR-KNN)16.1016.15
12715Amritsar Jn to Aurangabad Sachkhand Exp(ASR-AWB)18.5018.55
12716Amritsar Jn to Aurangabad Asr Ned Express(ASR-AWB)06.3506.40
12903Mumbai Central to Amritsar Junction Goldentemple Ml(BCT-ASR)04.1004.15
12904Amritsar Jn to Mumbai Central Goldn Temple Ml(ASR-BCT)22.2522.33
12925Bandra Terminus to Amritsar Jn Paschim Express(BDTS-ASR)17.4517.50
12926Amritsar Jn to Ramganj Mandi Paschim Express(ASR-RMA)09.1009.15
13005Amritsar Jn to Laksar Jn Amritsar Mail(ASR-LRJ)06.5007.00
13006Amritsar Jn to Laksar Jn Asr Hwh Mail(ASR-LRJ)19.4319.50
13049Howrah Jn to Amritsar Amritsar Exp(HWH-ASR)08.2008.30
13050Amritsar Jn to Shiupur Asr Hwh Express(ASR-SOP)19.1519.23
14033Old Delhi Junction to Udhampur Jammu Mail(DLI-UMP)03:2003:30
14034Udhampu to Old Delhi Junction Jammu Mail(UHP-DLI)21:3022;00
14037Delhi to Pathankot Jn Delhi-Pathankot Express(DLI-PTK)13.5313.58
14038Amritsar Jn (RL) to Pathankot Jn PTK DLI EXP(ASR-PTK)10.3510.40
14153Kanpur Central to Amritsar Junction CNB ASR EXP(CNB-ASR)07.5307.58
14154Amritsar Jn to Kashipur Jn ASR CNB EXPRESS(ASR-KPV)13.4513.50
14603Amritsar Jn to Sitapur Cantt JANSADHARAN EXP(ASR-SCC)01.2001.25
14604Amritsar Jn to Sitapur Cantt JANSADHARAN EXP(ASR-SCC)14.1514.20
14605Lal Kuan to Amritsar Junction Lal Kuan - Amritsar Garib Rath Express(LKU-ASR)12.4012.45
14606Amritsar Jn to Lal Kuan Amritsar - Lal Kuan Garib Rath Express(ASR-LKU)07.0007.05
14611Gorakhpur Junction to Amritsar Junction Gorakhpur - Amritsar Jansadharan Express (GKP-ASR)05:0005:05
14631Dehradun to Amritsar Junction DDN ASR EXPRESS(DDN-ASR)05.2505.35
14632Amritsar Jn to Motichur ASR DDN EXPRESS(ASR-MOTC)23.3023.40
14649Amritsar Jn to Hapur Jn Saryu Yamuna Ex(ASR-HPU)20.4520.55
14650Amritsar Jn to Hapur Jn Saryuyamuna Exp(ASR-HPU)13.0513.10
14673Amritsar Jn to Babhnan Shaheed Express(ASR-BV)20.4520.55
14674Amritsar Jn to Babhnan Shaheed Exp(ASR-BV)13.0513.10
14681New Delhi to Jalandhar City Ndls Juc Expres(NDLS-JUC)23:50Ends
14682Jalandhar City to New Delhi Juc Ndls Expres(JUC-NDLS)Starts04:10
15209Amritsar Jn to Duraundha Jn JANSEWA EXP(ASR-DDA)16.3016.35
15210Amritsar Jn to Duraundha Jn JANSEWA EXP(ASR-DDA)07.3807.43
15211Amritsar Jn to Sitapur City Jn JANNAYAK EXP(ASR-SPC)00.0900.10
15212Amritsar Jn to Sitapur City Jn JANNAYAK EXP(ASR-SPC)20.0520.13
15707Amritsar Jn to Delhi Shahdara Jn Kir Asr Express(ASR-DSA)09.5510.05
15708Amritsar Jn to Delhi Shahdara Jn Asr Kir Express(ASR-DSA)08.3008.35
15933Dibrugarh to Amritsar Junction Dbrg Asr Expres(DBRG-ASR)19.0019.10
15934Amritsar Jn to Ghazipur City Asr Dbrg Expres(ASR-GCT)16.5316.58
18101Amritsar Jn to Jammu Tawi Tatanagar-Jammu Tawi MURI Express(TATA-JAT)06.2506.30
18102Jammu Tawi to Tatanagar Junction Jammu Tawi - Tatanagar(JAT-TATA)20:4220:50
18103Amritsar Jn to Bhabua Road Jalianwala B Ex(ASR-BBU)05.0005.05
18104Amritsar Jn to Bhabua Road Jalianwala B Ex(ASR-BBU)13.4513.50
18109Amritsar Jn to Tatisilwai Rou Muri Jat Ex(ASR-TIS)06.2506.30
18110Amritsar Jn (RL) to Tatisilwai Jat Muri Rou Ex(ASR-TIS)20.4220.50
18215Durg to Jammu Tawi DURG JAT EXPRES(DURG-JAT)13.5313.58
18216Jammu Tawi to Durg JAT DURG EXPRESS(JAT-DURG)11.5512.03
18237Bilaspur Junction to Amritsar Junction Chattisgarh Exp(BSP-ASR)05.5506.00
18238Amritsar Jn to Chhindwara Junction Chhatisgarh Exp(ASR-CWA)17.4417.46
18507Amritsar Jn to Malkhedi Vskp Asr Hkg Ex(ASR-MAKR)21.3521.40
18508Amritsar Junction» to Visakhapatnam Junction Hirakud (Hirakund) Express(ASR-VSKP)00.4500.55
19107Ahmedabad Junction to Udhampur Ahmedabad-Udhampur Janmabhoomi Express(ADI-UHP )11.0011.10
19107Ahmedabad Junction to Udhampur Ahmedabad-Udhampur Janmabhoomi Express(ADI-UHP )11:0011:10
19108Udhampur to Ahmedabad Junction Udhampur-Ahmedabad Janmabhoomi Express(UHP-ADI)01.5502.05
19108Udhampur to Ahmedabad Junction Udhampur-Ahmedabad Janmabhoomi Express(UHP-ADI)01:5502:05
19223Ahmedabad Jn to Jammu Tawi ADI JAT EXPRESS(ADI-JAT)12.3512.45
19224Jammu Tawi to Ahmedabad Jn JAT ADI EXPRESS(JAT-ADI)13.1513.20
19225Amritsar Jn (RL) (Rev) to Verka Jn BTI JAT EXP(ASR-VKA)23.1023.30
19226Amritsar Jn (Rev) to Verka Jn JAT BTI EXP(ASR-VKA)03.3003.50
19325Indore Junction BG to Amritsar Junction Indore - Amritsar Express(INDB-ASR)19.2019.25
19326Amritsar Jn to Shivpuri Asr Indb Expres(ASR-SVPI)00.2000.30
19415Ahmedabad Junction to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Ahmedabad - Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra Express(ADI-SVDK)22:1522:40
19416Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra to Ahmedabad Junction Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra - Ahmedabad Express(SVDK-ADI)19:0519:35
19611Ajmer Jn to Amritsar Jn AJMER ASR EXPRESS(AII-ASR)13.1013.15
19612Amritsar Jn to Jagraon Amritsar - Ajmer Express (ASR-JGN)15.3015.35
19613Amritsar Jn to Bhiwani Jn AJMER ASR EXP(ASR-BNW)08.4508.50
19614Amritsar Jn to Jagraon Amritsar - Ajmer Express (ASR-JGN)19.0019.05
19771Ajmer Junction to Amritsar Junction Ajmer - Amritsar Express(AII -ASR)13:1513:20
19781Ajmer Junction to Amritsar Junction Jp Asr Express(AII-ASR)08:5008:55
22446Amritsar Junction to Kanpur Central Amritsar - Kanpur Weekly Express(ASR-CNB)13:4513:50
24033Old Delhi Junction to Hoshiarpur Jammu Mail Slip(DLI-HSX)03:2004:55
24034Hoshiarpur to Old Delhi Junction Jammu Mail Slip(HSX-DLI)19:59 20:01
54601Amritsar Jn to Mananwala HSR ASR PSNGR(ASR-MOW)07.3007.40
54602Amritsar Jn to Sadulpur Jn ASR HSR PASNGER(ASR-SDLP)18.4018.45
59386Amritsar Jn to Indore Jn Panchvalley Pa(ASR-INDB)05:5506:00
74641Amritsar Jn to Mananwala JUC ASR DMU(ASR-MOW)First09.20
74642Amritsar Jn to Baba Bakala Raiya ASR JUC DMU(ASR-BBKR)21.20Last
74643Amritsar Jn to Bhattian JUC ASR DMU(ASR-BTTN)First17.10
74644Amritsar Jn to Babhnan ASR JUC DMU(ASR-BV)23.00Last
74645Amritsar Jn to Bhattian UMB ASR DMU(ASR-BTTN)18.4018.45
74646Amritsar Jn to Bhattian ASR UMB DMU(ASR-BTTN)05.2005.23
74923Amritsar Jn to Bolinna Doaba HSX ASR DMU(ASR-BLND)06.1206.15
74924Amritsar Jn to Dhanbad Jn ASR HSX DMU(ASR-DHN)13.3013.33
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