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Trains Passing through CHANDIGARH
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
12045New Delhi to Chandigarh Ndls Cdg Shtbdi(NDLS-CDG) 22:40Ends
12312Kalka to Howrah Junction Kalka Mail(KLK-HWH)00:2501:10
12311Howrah Junction to Kalka Hwh Dli Klk Mai(HWH-KLK)03:0003:50
12687Madurai Jn to Chandigarh Dehradun Exp(MDU-CDG)04:40Ends
19717Jaipur Junction to Chandigarh Junction Jaipur - Chandigarh Intercity Express(JP-CDG)04:55Ends
13008Shri Ganganagar to 21.00 U A Toofan Exp(SGNR-KLK)05.0005.10
14888Barmer to Kalka Barmer-Kalka Express(BME-KLK)05:1005:20
12006Kalka to New Delhi Kalka Shtbdi(KLK-NDLS)06:4506:53
12983Ajmer Junction to Chandigarh Aii Cdg G Rath(Aii-Cdg)06:45Ends
12058Una Himachal to New Delhi Ndls Janshtbdi(UHL-NDLS)07:2307:33
54304Kalka to Old Delhi Junction Kalka Delhi Passenger(KLK-DLI)07:5008:02
14605Lal Kuan to Amritsar Junction Lal Kuan - Amritsar Garib Rath Express(LKU-ASR)09.0009.15
12242Amritsar Jn to Badli ASR CDG SUP(ASR-BHD)09.10Last
14615Lal Kuan Junction to Amritsar Junction Lalkuan - Amritsar Express(LKU-ASR)09:0009:15
14217Allahabad Junction to Chandigarh Unchahar Exp(ALD-CDG)09:25Ends
14606Amritsar Jn to Lal Kuan Amritsar - Lal Kuan Garib Rath Express(ASR-LKU)10.2010.28
12231Lucknow Nr to Chandigarh Lko Cdg Express(LKO-CDG)10:00Ends
12011New Delhi to Kalka Kalka Shtbdi(NDLS-KLK)11:0511:13
22926Kalka to Bandra Terminus Paschim Express(KLK-BDTS)11:0511:20
22451Bandra Terminus to Chandigarh CDG SUP FAST(BDTS-CDG)11:5211:54
22451Bandra Terminus to Chandigarh CDG SUP FAST(BDTS-CDG)11:5211:54
05903Dibrugarh to Chandigarh Dbrg Cdg Specia(DBRG-CDG)13:10Ends
15903Dibrugarh to Chandigarh Dbrg Cdg Expres(DBRG-CDG)13:10Ends
04503Varanasi Junction to Chandigarh Bsb Cdg Spl(BSB-CDG)14:30Ends
15011Lucknow Ne to Chandigarh Ljn Cdg Express(LJN-CDG)14:50Ends
12925Bandra Terminus to Amritsar Jn Paschim Express(BDTS-ASR)15:5716:12
22451Bandra Terminus to Chandigarh CDG SUP FAST(BDTS-CDG)16.20Ends
04511Bandra Terminus to Chandigarh Cdg Superfast Special(BDTS-CDG)16:20 Ends
09303Indore Jn to Chandigarh CHANDIGARH SPL(INDB-CDG)17.55Ends
22457H.S. Nanded-Una Himachal (Weekly) SF Express to Una Himachal H.S. Nanded-Una Himachal (Weekly) (NED-UHL)17:5518:00
13255Danapur to Chandigarh Junction Patliputra Danapur - Chandigarh Express(DNR-CDG)17:55Ends
12012Kalka to New Delhi Kalka Shtbdi(KLK-NDLS)18:1518:23
22685Yesvantpur Junction to Chandigarh Junction Yesvantpur-Chandigarh Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express(YPR-CDG)18:20Ends
12063Haridwar Junction to Una Himachal Una Jan Shatabdi Express(HW-UHL)19:0519;15
12057New Delhi to Una Himachal Uhl Janshatabdi(NDLS-UHL)19:0519:15
22456Kalka to Sainagar Shirdi Kalka - Sai Nagar Shirdi (Bi-weekly) SF Express(KLK-SNSI)19:3019:40
12217Kochuveli to Chandigarh Sampark Kranthi(KCVL-CDG)20.05Ends
12005New Delhi to Kalka Kalka Shtbdi(NDLS-KLK)20:4020:48
12412Amritsar Jn to New Morinda INTERCITY EXP(ASR-NMDA)21.55Last
14887Kalk to Barme Kalka - Barmer Chandigarh Express(KLK-BME)22:0022:06
12449Madgaon to Chandigarh Goa Smprk K Exp(MAO-CDG)23:45Ends
19307Indore Junction Bg to Chandigarh Chandigarh Express(INDB-CDG)6:45Ends
12241Amritsar Jn to Badli CDG ASR SUP(ASR-BHD)First17.25
12411Amritsar Jn to New Morinda INTERCITY EXP(ASR-NMDA)First06.55
14218Chandigarh to Allahabad Junction Unchahar Exp(CDG-ALD)Starts16:30
12450Chandigarh to Madgaon Goa Smprk K Exp(CDG-MAO)Starts01:30
12218Chandigarh to Kochuveli Kerla S Kranti(CDG-KCVL)Starts08.55
02686Chandigarh to Yesvantpur Junction Hubli Premium(CDG-YPR)Starts03:15
22688Chandigarh to Madurai Jn Chandigarh - Madurai SF Express(CDG-MDU)Starts07.45
04504Chandigarh to Varanasi Junction Cdg Bsb Spl(CDG-BSB)Starts23:15
19718Chandigarh Junction to Jaipur Junction Chandigarh - Jaipur Intercity Express(CDG-JP)Starts12:45
05904Chandigarh to Dibrugarh Cdg Dbrg Spl(CDG-DBRG)Starts23:15
15904Chandigarh to Dibrugarh Cdg Dbrg Expres(CDG-DBRG)Starts23:15
22452Chandigarh to Bandra Terminus CDG BDTS SF EXP(CDG-BDTS)Starts05.40
19308Chandigarh to indore Junction Bg Cdg Indb Express(CDG-INDB)Starts19:10
12984Chandigarh to Ajmer Junction Cdg Aii G Rath(CDG-AII)Starts20:50
09304Chandigarh to Indore Jn CDG INDB SPL(CDG-INDB)Starts19.10
12046Chandigarh to New Delhi Cdg Ndls Shtbdi(CDG-NDLS)Starts11:40
15012Chandigarh to Lucknow Ne Cdg Ljn Express(CDG-LJN)Starts17:05
12232Chandigarh to Lucknow Nr Cdg Lko Express(CDG-LKO)Starts20:50
22686Chandigarh Junction to Yesvantpur Junction Chandigarh-Yesvantpur Karnataka Sampark Kranti Exp(CDG-YPR)Starts03:15
13256Chandigarh Junction to Danapur Chandigarh - Patliputra Danapur Express(CDG-DNR)Starts21:30
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