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Trains Passing through AYODHYA
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
12225Azamgarh to Delhi Kaifiyat Express(AMH-DLI)19:2419:26
12226Delhi to Azamgarh Kaifiyat Express(DLI-AMH)05:5205:54
13009Howrah Junction to Kotdwara Doon Express(HWH-KTW)14:1214:13
13010Dehradun to Howrah Junction Doon Express(DDN-HWH)11:3011:32
13151Kolkata to Jammu Tawi Jammu Tawi Exp(KOAA-JAT)05:5405:55
13152Jammu Tawi to Kolkata Kolkata Express(JAT-KOAA)20:5120:53
13237Patna Junction to Kota Junction Pnbe Kota Express(PNBE-KOTA)19:5419:55
13238Kota Junction to Patna Junction Kota Pnbe Express(KOTA-PNBE)08:5508:57
13307Dhanbad Junction to Firozpur Cant Gangasutlej Exp(DHN-FZR)10:0610:07
13308Firozpur Cant to Dhanbad Junction Gangasatluj Exp(FZR-DHN)15:2115:23
13483Malda Town to Delhi Farakka Express(MLDT-DLI)15:2715:28
13484Delhi to Malda Town Farakka Express(DLI-MLDT)10:4710:49
14017Muzaffarpur Junction to Delhi Sadbhavna Exp(MFP-DLI)15:2715:28
14018Delhi to Muzaffarpur Junction Sadbhavna Exp(DLI-MFP)06:4006:42
14213Varanasi Junction to Gonda Junction Bsb Gd Intercit(BSB-GD)17:4518:15
14214Gonda Junction to Varanasi Junction Gd Bsb Intercit(GD-BSB)08:4509:15
14235Varanasi Junction to Bareilly Bsb Be Express(BSB-BE)02:5502:57
14236Bareilly to Varanasi Junction Be Bsb Express(BE-BSB)02:0802:10
14649Amritsar Jn to Hapur Jn Saryu Yamuna Ex(ASR-HPU)21.5221.53
14650Amritsar Jn to Hapur Jn Saryuyamuna Exp(ASR-HPU)08.5508.57
14853Varanasi Jn to 17.20 Marudhar Expres(BSB-JU)20:2320:25
14854Jodhpur Jn to Varanasi Junction Marudhar Expres(JU-BSB)06:4006:42
15023Gorakhpur Jn to Yesvantpur Jn Gorakhpur - Yesvantpur Express(GKP-YPR)11.4011.45
15024Yesvantpur Junction to Gorakhpur Junction Ypr Gkp Exp(YPR-GKP)01:3001:40
18191Chhapra to Farrukhabad Utsarg Exp(CPR-FBD)02:3202:34
18192Farrukhabad to Chhapra Utsarg Exp(FBD-CPR)22:3422:36
18205Durg to Nautanwa Nautanwa Express (DURG-NTV)16:0516:07
18206Nautanwa to Durg Ntv Durg Exp(NTV-DURG)14:4014:45
19165Ahmedabad Jn to Darbhanga Jn Sabarmati Exp(ADI-DBG)04.2504.27
19166Darbhanga Jn to Ahmedabad Jn Sabarmati Exp(DBG-ADI)18.2618.27
19167Ahmedabad Jn to Varanasi Jn Sabarmati Exp(ADI-BSB)04.2504.27
19168Varanasi Jn to Ahmedabad Jn Sabarmati Exp(BSB-ADI)18.2518.27
19709Jaipur to Kamakhya Kavi Guru Express(JP-KYQ)17:1317:15
19710Kamakhya to Jaipur Kyq Jp Kaviguru(KYQ-JP)23:3423:35
23010Kotdwara to Howrah Junction Doon Exxpress(KTW-HWH)11:3011:32
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