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Trains Passing through AHMADNAGAR
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
12149Pune Junction to Patna Junction Pune Patna Express(PUNE-PNBE)23:3723:40
12129Pune Junction to Howrah Junction Azad Hind Express(PUNE-HWH)21:22 21:25
12113Pune Junction to Nagpur Junction Pune-Nagpur Garib Rath Express(PUNE-NGP)20:5020:55
12135Pune Junction to Nagpur Junction Pune - Nagpur SF Express(PUNE -NGP)20:5020:55
11077Pune Junction to Jammu Tawi Jhelum Express(PUNE-JAT)20:2220:25
22131Pune Junction to Manduadih Gyan Ganga Express(PUNE-MUV)19:0219:05
11033Pune Junction to Darbhanga Junction Darbhanga Exp(PUNE-DBG)19:0219:05
12781Mysore Junction to H Nizamuddin Swarna Jayanthi(MYS-NZM)19:0219:05
12147C Shahumharaj T to H Nizamuddin Nizamuddin Express(KOP-NZM)19:0219:05
51034Sainagar Shirdi to Mumbai Cst CSTM FAST PASS(SNSI-)19.0019.05
12628New Delhi to Bangalore Cy Junction Karnataka Exp(NDLS-SBC)18:2718:30
11046Dhanbad Junction to C Shahumharaj T Dikshabhumi Exp(DHN-KOP)15:2715:30
01655Pune Junction to Jabalpur Junction Pune - Jabalpur Tatkal Fare Special(PUNE-JBP)13:5814:00
12780H Nizamuddin to Hubli Junction Goa Express(NZM-UBL)12:4712:50
12627Bangalore Cy Junction to New Delhi Karnataka Exp(SBC-NDLS)11:5712:00
11045C Shahumharaj T to Dhanbad Junction Dikshabhoomi Ex(KOP-DHN)11:3511:37
11078Jammu Tawi to Pune Junction Jhelum Express(JAT-PUNE)11:0211:05
51033Mumbai Cst to Sainagar Shirdi SHIRDI FAST PAS(-SNSI)08.0708.10
17305Hubli Junction to H Nizamuddin Nzm Link Exp(UBL-NZM)07:2807:30
12779Vasco Da Gama to H Nizamuddin Goa Express(VSG-NZM)07:2807:30
12136Nagpur Junction to Pune Junction Nagpur - Pune SF Express(NGP-PUNE)05:5005:55
12849Bilaspur Junction to Pune Junction Bsp Pune Superfast Express(BSP-PUNE)05:5005:55
12148H Nizamuddin to C Shahumharaj T Nzm Kop Exp(NZM-KOP)05:3205:35
12782H Nizamuddin to Mysore Junction Swarna Jayanthi(NZM-MYS)05:3205:35
11034Darbhanga Junction to Pune Junction DBF PUNE Express(DBG-PUNE)04:1004:13
22132Manduadih to Pune Junction Gyan Ganga Sf(MUV-PUNE)04:1004:13
12130Howrah Junction to Pune Junction Azad Hind Express(HWH-PUNE)03:2703:30
11039C Shahumharaj T to Gorakhpur Junction Maharashtra Exp(KOP-GKP)02:3702:40
51402Manmad Junction to Pune Junction Manmad - Pune Passenger(MMR-PUNE)02:0002:10
12150Patna Junction to Pune Junction Pnbe Pune Express(PNBE-PUNE)01:5001:53
15018Gorakhpur Jn to C Shahumharaj T Gkp Ltt Express(GKP-KOP)00.3700.42
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