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Trains Passing through ALIGARH JN
Train No. Train DetailTrain NameArr. Time Dep. Time
12003Lucknow Nr to New Delhi Lko Swran Shtbd(LKO-NDLS)20:0220:04
12004New Delhi to Lucknow Nr Lko Swran Shtbd(NDLS-LKO)07:5007:52
12225Azamgarh to Delhi Kaifiyat Express(AMH-DLI)04:4004:45
12226Delhi to Azamgarh Kaifiyat Express(DLI-AMH)21:1221:17
12303Howrah Junction to New Delhi Poorva Express(HWH-NDLS)04:3504:40
12304New Delhi to Howrah Junction Poorva Express(NDLS-HWH)19:2419:29
12311Howrah Junction to Kalka Hwh Dli Klk Mai(HWH-KLK)17:2017:25
12312Kalka to Howrah Junction Kalka Mail(KLK-HWH)09:2609:31
12381Howrah Junction to New Delhi Poorva Express(HWH-NDLS)04:3504:40
12382New Delhi to Howrah Junction Poorva Express(NDLS-HWH)19:2419:29
12397Gaya Junction to New Delhi Mahabodhi Exp(GAYA-NDLS)02:2502:27
12398New Delhi to Gaya Junction Mahabodhi Exp(NDLS-GAYA)15:4515:47
12401Islampur to New Delhi Magadh Express(IPR-NDLS)09:2509:30
12402New Delhi to Islampur Magadh Express(NDLS-IPR)22:0522:10
12417Allahabad Junction to New Delhi Prayag Raj Exp(ALD-NDLS)04:1504:18
12418New Delhi to Allahabad Junction Prayag Raj Exp(NDLS-ALD)23:2923:32
12419Lucknow Nr to New Delhi Gomti Exp(LKO-NDLS)11:2211:25
12420New Delhi to Lucknow Nr Gomti Express(NDLS-LKO)14:4014:43
12427Rewa to Anand Vihar Trm Rewa Anvt Express(REWA-ANVT)03:3503:40
12428Anand Vihar Trm to Rewa Anvt Rewa Exp(ANVT-REWA)23:1723:22
12487Jogbani to Anand Vihar Trm Seemanchal Exp(JBN-ANVT)18:0618:08
12505Guwahati to Anand Vihar Trm North East Express(GHY-ANVT)16:4616:49
12506Anand Vihar Trm to Guwahati North East Express(ANVT-GHY)08:2608:29
12553Barauni Junction to New Delhi Vaishali Exp(BJU-NDLS)03:5504:00
12554New Delhi to Barauni Junction Vaishali Exp(NDLS-BJU)21:5221:57
12561Darbhanga Junction to New Delhi Swatantra S Exp(DBG-NDLS)10:0110:03
12562New Delhi to Darbhanga Junction Swatantrta S Ex(NDLS-DBG)22:2522:27
12569Jaynagar to Delhi Anand Vihar Termina Jaynagar - Anand Vihar Garib Rath Express(JYG-ANVT)06:1206:14
12570Anand Vihar Trm to Jaynagar Jyg Garib Rath(ANVT-JYG)18:2118:23
12815Puri to New Delhi Nandan Kanan Ex(PURI-NDLS)14:1514:20
12816New Delhi to Puri Nandan Kanan Ex(NDLS-PURI)08:1308:16
12875Puri to New Delhi Neelachal Exp(PURI-NDLS)19:1619:18
12876New Delhi to Puri Neelachal Exp(NDLS-PURI)08:1308:16
13111Kolkata to Giridih Lal Quila Exp(KOAA-GRD)23:5800:03
13112Delhi to Kolkata Lal Quila Exp(DLI-KOAA)23:5423:59
13132Anand Vihar Trm to Kolkata Anvt Koaa Express(ANVR-KOAA)18:3718:42
13413Malda Town to Delhi Farakka Express(MLDT-DLI)01:4101:46
13414Delhi to Malda Town Farkka Express(DLI-MLDT)00:3000:35
13483Malda Town to Delhi Farakka Express(MLDT-DLI)01:4101:46
13484Delhi to Malda Town Farakka Express(DLI-MLDT)00:3000:35
14005Sitamarhi to Anand Vihar Trm Lichchavi Exp(SMI-ANVT)02:0002:02
14006Anand Vihar Trm to Sitamarhi Lichchavi Exp(ANVT-SMI)19:0019:02
14055Dibrugarh to Delhi Brahmputra Mail(DBRG-DLI)02:5002:55
14056Delhi to Dibrugarh Brahmputra Mail(DLI-DBRG)01:3801:43
14113Allahabad Junction to Dehradun Link Express (Sangam Slip)(ALD-DDN)02:4503:30
14114Dehradun to Allahabad Junction Link Express(DDN-ALD)22:3023:05
14152 Anand Vihar Trm to Kanpur Central Anand Vihar - Kanpur Weekly Express( ANVT- CNB)21:4421:46
14155Kanpur Central to Jammu Tawi Kanpur - Jammu Tawi Express (CNB-JAT)21:1421:19
14156Jammu Tawi to Kanpur Central Jammu Tawi - Kanpur Express(JAT-CNB)08:3608:41
14163Allahabad Junction to Dehradun Sangam Express(ALD-DDN)02:4502:50
14164Meerut City to Allahabad Junction Sangam Exp(MTC-ALD)22:4523:05
14217Allahabad Junction to Chandigarh Unchahar Exp(ALD-CDG)01:3001:35
14218Chandigarh to Allahabad Junction Unchahar Exp(CDG-ALD)23:4023:45
14313Lokmanyatilak T to Bareilly Bareilly Exp(LTT-BE)11.1011.25
14314Bareilly to Lokmanyatilak T Be Ltt Express(BE-LTT)15.3815.43
14319Indore Junction Bg to Bareilly Indb Barelly Express(INDB-BE)11:1011:25
14723Kanpur Central to Bhiwani Kalindi Express(CNB-BNW)02:1502:20
14724Bhiwani to Kanpur Central Kalindi Express(BNW-CNB)00:4500:50
15026Anand Vihar Trm to Mau Junction Anvt Mau Express( ANVT- MAU)14:4114:43
15483Alipur Duar Junction to Delhi Mahananda Exp(APDJ-DLI)18:5519:00
15484Delhi to Alipur Duar Junction Mahananda Exp(DLI-APDJ)09:0009:05
15707Amritsar Jn to Delhi Shahdara Jn Kir Asr Express(ASR-DSA)00.1500.20
15708Amritsar Jn to Delhi Shahdara Jn Asr Kir Express(ASR-DSA)17.1117.16
18101Amritsar Jn to Jammu Tawi Tatanagar-Jammu Tawi MURI Express(TATA-JAT)17.5017.55
18109Amritsar Jn to Tatisilwai Rou Muri Jat Ex(ASR-TIS)17.5017.55
18110Amritsar Jn (RL) to Tatisilwai Jat Muri Rou Ex(ASR-TIS)07.0707.12
22405Bhagalpur to Anand Vihar Trm Bgp Garib Rath(BGP-ANVT)06:1206:14
22406Anand Vihar Trm to Bhagalpur Anvt Bgp G Rath(ANVT-BGP)18:2118:23
82366Anand Vihar Terminal to Patna Anand Vihar - Patna Suvidha Special(ANVT-PNBE)22:4022:42
82535Darbhanga Junction to Anand Vihar Terminal Darbhanga - Delhi Anand ViharT Suvidha Special(DBG-ANVT)19:1419:16
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